Listed below you will find some of the responses we have from people who visited us over the years. As always we try to provide our customers with the best possible services available and have fun to!! So please feel free to add yours as well and wi will add your ski picture in for the comment!

One of the things that makes Scott such a great instructor is that he has so much experience that he can actually see the subtlest changes in your balance, weight position, etc. and is therefore able to give really accurate and helpful feedback. He can take any skier to their next level no matter how experienced or inexperienced they are. Plus he’s a cool guy!

Masen Yaffee
CEO & Business Owner, Web Development Company
Santa Barbara, California

Scott makes learning fun. He is really patient and is great at putting techniques into words that anyone can follow. Plus he is really passionate about teaching; his enthusiasm is contagious and his faith in my ability to improve made all the difference. As a result of our lessons with him, I feel much more confident on a slalom ski AND on a wake board and I have enough information to keep improving for a long time!

Barbara Yaffee, REV
Teacher, Counselor, Seminar Leader
Santa Barbara, California

As a slalom course ‘newbie’ for 2006, I attended several ski schools to better my technique but none were better than Scott Smith’s training at Waterski Cancun as he was able to communicate effectively in a relaxed atmosphere his principles which effected positive change in my skiing! I ran the course for the 1st time after Scott’s instruction in August of 2006 and during my most recent training with Scott in December of 2006 I was able to run more consistently 15 off and was amazed to run 22 off on my first attempt with Scott’s coaching! Scott is a wonderful and good humored individual who instilled unbelievable confidence in my skiing that no one has been able to do at any previous ski school. Thanks Scott and Ruthie for everything. I can’t wait to come back yet again!

Jim Gaal, Ripley, West Virginia

When I needed a diversion from a recent conference I attended in Cancun. I hooked up with Scott at Water Ski Cancun. I was happy to discover that a good ski boat, driver, and ski were available any time I wanted to get out. The conditions were great, almost no boat traffic to contend with, flat water, and lots of sunshine. Scott is an excellent instructor, who helped me ski a lot better in the few days I was in Cancun.

Mike Stephan

Hey Scott, I skied with you at the end of February. My wife and I were staying at the Club Med and you adjusted my ski and gave me an hour lesson. I’ll definitely look you up next time I’m down. We had a blast. Thanks!

Kevin Phoenix Az

Scott…., Thanks again for the pulls. It was a blast to run the course again and your set up was awesome. Even with the wind, we still had good water. You and Vero were a great coaching/driving team. Your driving made all the difference. Rob was a great wakeboard coach as both Carl and Nick got up their first time, were crossing the wakes and doing 180’s. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is looking for a great waterski/wakeboard experience in Cancun.

Mike Kessler

We visited Cancun at the end of January and went skiing with Waterski Cancun. We had such a good time wakeboarding and slaloming with ‘Bama that we went again the next day with him and Scott. We were just looking for a chance to enjoy to beautiful weather and scenery while getting great advice as well. The guys are knowledgeable enough to help the most advanced skier while being patient enough to let someone just looking for fun to enjoy getting out on the lagoon. The lagoon was a perfect skiing spot sheltered from the rough ocean water. The weather was great with lots of sun even in January. We would highly recommend Waterski Cancun to anyone that enjoys getting our on the lake while they are on vacation.

Mimi Schmidt, Jerry Perullo, Thanks Bama and Scott!

I found water ski Cancun on the web, and was thrilled to find a friendly response. It turned out to be the most convenient way to get in some skiing while on vacation. Excellent water conditions, informative and encouraging instruction, and convenient pick up sports. We had a great time and will definitely be returning.

Thanks Scott.


When I came to Cancun, I had a terrible problem with my off-side turns which resulted in maximum frustration through the course. After Scott watched me take a few passes, he made adjustments to my fin and brake. He then worked with me over the next hour correcting my body positioning and handle release. When I got back to the States and my home course, my ski partners were amazed at the improvement I had made. My off-side turns are now as smooth as my on-side. Scott knows his stuff and his coaching method is easy to apply.

Hey Scott…. Here is what Erinn and I have to say about the skiing in Cancun with your guidance. "We had a blast skiing with Scott!!!! Scott is a great host, with a great sense of humor and a TON of stories to keep everyone laughing. My wife and I had not skied in about 4 years, and within minutes Scott was able to assess our needs and our capabilities so that we were able to have the most enjoyment out of our time spent skiing. Scott is a true professional. We would encourage anyone who plans on skiing in Cancun to ski with Scott." Thanks once again for the great time. When we visit "Nor Leans" we will be sure to visit the Bayonna. Regards, Curtis and Erinn Burkevitch

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Water ski Cancun is world class…from the instruction to the equipment. Scott Smith knows slalom like Tiger knows golf! If you are into course skiing or just making some big "cottage walls", Scott looks after everything. Enjoy a tall glass of "cervesa" after skiing in glass-like conditions. All in all, it was great ski with some friends with the Cancun Hotel Zone as the backdrop. A great break from a long harsh winter!

Greg Loeppky, Winninpeg, Canada

Visited Water-ski Cancun in June with my husband and two boys 12 and 14-both slalom skiers. We had great time and learned a lot – Scott has my 14 year old son dying to barefoot – He can’t wait until next summer – Great time – Great instruction. Highly recommend– Tanya from Boston.

Tanya Giovacchini, Principal, Mavens and Moguls

Hey Scott, just wanted to write to let you know I had a blast skiing last week in Cancun! Thanks a bunch for your really helpful tips – they truly resonate with me and make a difference in my skiing. Thanks again for the terrific sets!


Hey guys,
Would love to say a huge thank you to you both, for making our wakeboarding experience so much fun- definitely the highlight of our trip!

Laura & Blake

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