Scott Smith

I have 30 years experience teaching water skiing. Sixteen of those years were spent with Club Med as a ski school manager providing instruction, producing shows and training other instructors. Over the years, I have had many opportunities to work with and improve peoples’ skiing ability whether it is a beginner on two skis or pushing the skier into short-line slalom. Positive results are ensured with children and the nervous beginner; with the use of the Boom it guarantees that first time start. The latest technology is used and incorporated with the newest theories to improve the skiers’ skills. I offer ski tuning and fin adjustments to improve your performance without changing your style. The wakeboard skills come from many years of working with Pro riders in clinics and shooting videos. I have a good undestanding of a strong body position and handle control to improve your style. My other qualifications include: USA Water Ski Certified Driver, CPR and PADI Advanced Certified. I do speak some French and Spanish. I have the experience it takes to help you become a better skier, so come, take a Bite out of short Line!!

We are pleased to welcome you to Cancun for a great time skiing, along with a fun filled vacation.

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