Waterski and Wakeboard, Free ski, Slalom Course, Wake Skate, Trick, Pleasure Ride,
whatever you want…

Rates are based on $200 usd/hr. We charge you only the time you ski or ride, i.e. water time. Therefore, if you book an hour of ski time, except to be on the water for 1.5-1.75 hr.s, to actually ski 60 minutes. You can also book any amount of time you would like, 30-45 minutes ect. All equipment (Except Carbon Skis) / instruction included. There is no charge to / from the ski location and breaks are permitted.

$200 usd/hr.

$60 usd Minimum 15min.

$540 usd 3hr. Pack Pre Pay (10% Discount) $180/hr.

$1600 usd 10hr. Pack Pre Pay (20% Discount) $160/hr.

$60 usd Slalom Course Set (6 pass 15min.) Pro Instruction W/ Scott

$540 usd for 10 set Slalom pack Pre Pay (10% Discount) $54 / set.

Normal Carbon set up for a week is $40usd.

Normal Fiberglass is free unless you need special bindings is $15 usd

Ski Tuning is $20 usd.

We accept cash, USD, CAN, MXP, EURO’S and travelers checks.

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